Friday, 28 December 2018 14:24

Sidecar Racing in memory of Boris Zefirov

Irbit - February 23, 2019

Roar of engines, incredible turns, humming crowd and thirst for victory. Sidecar motocross racing is the main sport in Irbit. This is a federal sports event. Tough competition among participants, resulting in crazy speed, dangerous turns and high jumps, continues during the entire race. Come and get your adrenaline boost, experience the true battle for the podium and cheer on your favorites with your heart.

Melnikova village, Sverdlovsk Region

199 km from Ekaterinburg

Southern bus terminal – routes No.733, 876, 1047, 1053 Ekaterinburg – Irbit

Then take bus No.114 Irbit – Melnikova village

Train No. 610E Ekaterinburg – Ustye-Akha

Motodom,, +7 (34355) 6-49-44