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XII Regional Winter Horse Races dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union Stepan Ustinov and horse holder Eduard Zagumennykh

Alapayevsk - February 23, 2019

On February 23 the XII Regional Winter Horse Races will take place at the racetrack in Golubkovskoye village. There will be harness racing, VIP trotter race in Russian harness, winter games and horse-riding, a large theatrical performance on the programme. Horseracing is a very spectacular, risky and exciting sport, but in Golubkovskoye it is even more so, because the races take form of a funfair. Traditionally local residents organize shows and treat guests with tea.

Sverdlovsk region, Golubkovskoe village

Physical Culture and Sports Club "Urozhay",, +7(343)463-61-74